About me

My wife, daughter and I reside in the midwest. I’m an engineer and my wife works part time. We started out in life (got married at 21 & 22) with roughly 70k in debt and have since worked our way to a net worth of well north of that (lots more to come on this subject). I’m an engineer so I believe that you get where you want to go but developing a plan and then executing upon it. I’ve developed many plans in my day and I’ve never landed where I set out to but I’ve certainly learned a lot. I hope that as I tell my story through the coming weeks and months you will be able to take my lessons and apply them to your life as well.

Upon graduation pretty much all I knew was Dave Ramsey. I had listened to him a little in college and he seemed to be the guy in the space. I used his books as a guide and his radio show as inspiration to work out of debt. Without him and how show I could not have dug out of the hole we were in. I definitely view him as a great starting point. However, once you get to a certain point I feel that you graduate from his teachings.
Since that time I’ve picked up several new sources of information along the way via blogs, books and podcasts. Over time I’ll share these in hopes that I can distill out some of the wisdom for everyone’s good. Fast forward to today and I have changed so much since graduating and starting out on my own (with my wife of course).